What you Need to Know About Pipes and Drape Rentals

Pipe and drape rental are essential if you’re organizing a stylish event that will have an enhanced and dramatic look. A stylish background will provide an effective screening for moments such as a photo or a dressing room or a voting booth. In addition, an attractive and stylish background will provide you with a polished and perfect background for speeches, a versatile trade show booth, a press ceremony or conference and a stunning background for a theatrical event or performance. Renting a pipe and drape display has an additional advantage because it’s easy to factor it into your event design. Below is a piece of concrete information about what you need to know about pipes and drape rentals. Check out https://carolinassl.com/pipe-and-drape-rental-charlotte-nc/ for the best deals.

Why Choose Pipe and Drape Rentals?

For instance, each individual who might be planning an event is seeking ways of leaving the audience with an indelible impression. In event planning, there are key factors to put into consideration such as flexibility, budget, and time. Pipes and drape rentals are:

1. Versatile

Renting pipes and drapes is essential because they come in various colors and styles. This means that they can either be multi-use masking drapery or dramatic velvet, satin, and metallic. These pipes are easily and modular adjustable for backdrops or displays of different widths and heights.

2. Efficient

It’s an easy and effective way to provide a dynamic expression. In addition, it’s simple to organize and manage your event space.

3. Affordable

Choices and preferences of an individual can be met in renting pipes and drapes. This can be achieved because some factors can be adjusted to line with your budget.

4. Privacy

Pipe and drape backdrops create a private and intimate space for individuals to conduct their business. For instance, it’s a perfect way to divide up a meeting room or a trade show booth to provide clients with a quiet space to connect.

5. Portability

Pipe and drape rentals are normally easy to carry because they’re lightweight. This reflects how there’s a low transportation cost from storage to the event.

6. Simple and Easy to Assemble

Setting up pipes and drapes may only require at most two individuals. This task will only take ten minutes or so.

Tips for Setting Up-Pipe and Drape

i) Add Lights

Lighting is a key item that may help you attain a competitive advantage over other corporations. It’s a perfect idea to tuck or string some lights under a crossbar so that they may shine via your drapes. This should be done especially by individuals who are in dimly lit areas.

ii) Add a Corporate Image

A corporate image should be added specifically to your drapes. This is important because you’ll enhance your client’s ability to identify and recall your company.

iii) Match Corporate Color and Drapes

This is a soft-touch and key method of advertising your product or company.

What’s Included in a Pipe and Drape Rental?

There are key items that are included to ensure that you have an effective, attractive, safe, and secure display. There are dozens of fabrics with various colors, finishes, styles, and opacity (masking) to select from. Bases normally come with various weight which mostly depends on the height of the pipe. Bases have a steel foundation which is key in holding the pipes steadily in place. For an elegant and polished base, an individual should cover all the bases with fabric base covers.

Pipes come in different widths and sizes that serve two major functions. The horizontal pipes support a crossbar that concurrently supports the drapes while the vertical pipes provide your installation height. Pipes may either be adjustable or fixed.

How Pipe and Drape Rental Works

a. Identify your Fabric

Are you setting up drapes to enhance the look of your event? Are they going to enhance privacy? Are you going to add lights? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before renting pipe and drape.

b. Decide the Look of your Backdrop or Display

Pipe and drape come with different variations, therefore, you’ll be a bit flexible.

c. Get Real Measurements

Confirm your event space measurement to attain the actual dimensions.

d. Estimate How Much Drape and Pipe You Require

This is an important step because you already have the actual dimensions of your event space as well as your desired layout. With this, you’re ready to prepare so as to place an order.

e. Place your Order

This should be done after getting the actual quotation of your pipe and drape rental.


An individual should not only consider the size of the venue but also the transportation and storage area of the pipe and drape rentals.