The best careers in plumbing

A plumber refers to an individual who is trained to install and maintain pipes in businesses and homes. These pipes must be installed for proper flow of sewage, irrigation, drainage and water into our houses. The plumbers can either be involved in drafting blueprints, designing, hands-on work and also assisting so that the process of installation becomes efficient. Plumbers usually work together with architects in coming up with the best positions for laying plumbing pipes especially a house is being constructed.

This profession has so many possible career paths. Therefore, pursuing a plumbing career is one of the best choices which you can make. In case you are interested in working in the field of plumbing, then you must be aware of some of the career options which are available. Since there are so many careers in plumbing which you can take, the kind of training that you take will vary. Therefore, before you start training it is good that you decide on the area of plumbing which you wish to venture in.

The best careers in plumbing

i) Technicians

Plumbing technicians usually specialize in replacement, rehabilitation, repair and servicing of residential or commercial sanitary, cooling, heating and plumbing service lines.

When you start working as a plumbing technician you will diagnose and repair all plumbing issues. You will also be required to assist clients in making informed plumbing decisions and also be confident. You must possess the right skills and knowledge which is needed for maintaining or installing different kinds of a plumbing systems. For instance, in case there is someone who needs emergency water heater repair, you must know what is required to address the situation. In short, you must know how to conduct some fixtures such as showerheads, water systems and sinks for you to be regarded as a qualified technician.

ii) Pipefitters

After you have decided to pursue a plumbing course one of the areas which you can specialize in is becoming a pipefitter. As a pipefitter, you will work with high and low-pressure pipes which are used for commercial purposes. Some of the commercial purposes include pipe fitting for central air conditioning and heating, hydroelectric power plants and factories. Normally, pipefitters have the responsibility of installing, repairing and maintaining various kinds of plumbing systems. Apart from laying of pipes, you will also be responsible for installing automatic controls which can be used to make sure plumbing systems are working as expected.

iii) Steamfitters

To qualify as steamfitter you will undertake the same training as a pipefitters and also an additional special training about steam issues. One of the major tasks you will do as steamfitter is to install pipes for transporting gas materials which are of high pressure.

iv) Pipelayers

This refers to the kind of pipefitters who are in charge of digging and levelling of trenches. After digging the trenches they will also lay the pipes. These pipes can be used for carrying gas, water, sewer and drainage. The pipes are usually made of materials such as clay, iron, plastic and cement

v) Gas service technician

Gas service technicians are responsible for installing gas systems. Gas technicians offer the following services:

  • Repair and replace faulty or old equipment.
  • Order new gas parts when needed
  • Searching for has leakages by using specialized computerized equipment
  • Keeping detailed records of the plumbing work they have done.
  • Carrying out tests on control and display mechanisms.

From the information above you will realize that has service technicians usually specialize in handling all issues related to gases.

vi) Business owner

Many plumbers usually opt-in owning their own companies especially after they have worked for some years and gotten enough experience about plumbing. However, if you wish to be a plumbing business owner you will be expected to undertake some extra training sessions in all areas of plumbing. Through this, you will be skillful and knowledgeable about all plumbing practices. As an owner of a plumbing company you have a responsibility of ensuring that all the plumbers you employ have the right combination of skills and expertise for services to be delivered appropriately. You may also be required to undertake a business management course so that you can be successful in operating your business. You will be required to manage well all your employees so that they carry out their duties well.

vii) Project managers

Plumbing industry also requires project managers whose responsibility is to supervise a group of plumbers when they are offering services. In case you wish to work as a project manager, you will be required to undertake a special course that will enrich you with project management skills. As a project manager, your main work will be to monitor the daily activities of the plumbers assigned to you. You will also ensure that all plumbers are doing what they are supposed to do by ensuring they deliver quality work. As a manager, you will be paid higher compare to the regular workers since you will have more responsibilities that you will be required to fulfill.

If you wish to be successful in the plumbing you must possess skills such as:

  • You must be introspective, intellectual and inquisitive since you may come across some tasks which are investigative, mechanical, athletic, physical and tactile.
  • You must be a realistic individual which will imply that you will be thrifty, practical. Genuine, persistent, stable and independent.

The good thing about pursuing a career in plumbing is that you will rarely face issues with job security. This is because many homeowners will always require plumbing services. Therefore, in many cases, if you offer excellent services you will be receiving many phone calls from satisfied customers whenever they have issues which they wish to be fixed. As a plumber, you can employ yourself or work with a small company or a large company. Many large institutions such as airports, colleges and military usually employ their own plumbers. Be assured that plumbing can be a rewarding career which can make you offer these services in your entire life. Hopefully, by considering the above types of plumbing careers, you will get the best plumbing profession which can fulfill your desires.