Capel Concrete Serving Charlotte North Carolina

Capel Concrete is a residential and commercial masonry and concrete company with a proven capability to offer timely and quality services to all its clients since the year of its inception. Visit their website at

With our vast experience in the rapidly evolving construction industry, we believe in our proven capability to deliver quality concrete mixes and bricklaying for the successful execution of all our projects.

Quality services

Having been in service for years, we have a strong reputation for excellent craft, quality finishes, and professional supervision. Our team uses the latest construction techniques and the most suitable approaches to deliver excellent concrete/masonry services that meet all the necessary construction standards.

Well Trained professionals

Capel Concrete boasts of an adequately trained and specialized team that works passionately and efficiently to submit your project on time and within your budget.

All our team members are well equipped with the best types of equipment for use in bricklaying, concrete laying, and finishing works.

Project Approach

Before commencing any of our projects, we first involve our clients in the initial planning to fetch information on their budget and time limit for the project.

Secondly, we assess the drawings to understand the structural requirements of the project and then prepare a list of the materials necessary.

All our project phases are carried out hand in hand with the client’s input until their completion.

Our services

Having worked on many residential and commercial projects in Charlotte for years, we have earned extensive experience in masonry and concrete services in both sectors. Therefore, we are confident that we have whatever it takes to deliver a well-executed job to all our prospective customers within Charlotte, North Carolina.

Services offered include;

  • Concrete driveways

A concrete driveway is always the first thing that catches the attention of your visitor. Therefore, it must be not only attractive but also functional. A driveway should be designed and constructed in a manner that adds more aesthetic beauty to your home, irrespective of the ground’s gradient. Some of the ways you can enhance concrete driveway’s beauty include the use of colored concrete, stamped concrete, or by use of borders.

Our professional driveway designer will help you choose a design that perfectly suits your landscape to give your property that new look that you’ve been dreaming of.

  • Masonry walls

Our brick and block laying experts are well experienced to work with any bricks and stone. Capel concrete brick laying professionals have specialized knowledge on construction of fireplaces, masonry retaining walls, brick and block fences, among others.

We also offer brick and block renovation services and mortar restoration services with utmost professionalism and care. Additionally, we can also perfectly match new bricks with old bricks of an existing structure leaving behind a smooth finish.

For reliable bricklaying services, Capel concrete is the best-suited masonry & concrete contractor for you.

  • Concrete footings

With the kind of purpose that foundations serve to our structures, it’s imperative to take all the necessary measures before laying any concrete foundation. Various factors should always be taken into account to ensure that the highest levels of professionalism and the required standards are maintained.

At Capel concrete and masonry, we first carry out the necessary soil quality control tests so we can accurately design an adequate footing.

We install footings such as;

  • Frost-protected
  • Slab-on-Grade
  • T-shape

Call us today for quality concrete foundations.

  • Concrete walkways and patios

Concrete sidewalks and walkways provide a safe and convenient surface to move on while also adding more aesthetic beauty to our outdoor spaces. They might be straightforward elements of our properties but it’s apparent that they need proper planning and execution to be productive, durable, and to match perfectly with the outdoor space design for an elegant look.

Our professionals will take time to design and concrete stunning patios, walkways, and sidewalks in your preferred style to blend perfectly with your beautiful yard.

Other services offered include:

  • Paver Stone installation
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation slabs
  • Concrete casting for all structural elements
  • Etc

Why Choose Us

Capel Concrete is a fully licensed and certified masonry & concrete contractor. We are a merit-based company that operates under the required standards and guidelines to give our clients quality services for their total satisfaction.

We take no chances on matters quality so you can be assured of excellent results for your next project with us.

Feel free to contact us for trustworthy concrete and masonry service needs and come back to for more contractors.