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Welcome to Consulting Network's product page. The products listed here can be purchased separately using this order form or are included at no charge as part of a full consulting program. Contact us to see how Consulting Network provides an individualized approach to the management and training challenges that face the orthodontic team today.

High quality, Professional 2-sided patient information forms on CD-ROM for your practice.
Forms will be conveniently shipped to you as a user friendly PDF file on CD-ROM allowing you to print your own double-sided forms in-house or secure affordable off site printing. Personalization is available. View Preview.
  • Child: $149.00
  • Child 2: $149.00
  • Teen: $149.00
  • Adult: $149.00
  • Set of all 4: $495.00
For information on customized versions, please call us at 888.663.6923 to place your order.
Adult Form: $149.00

Teen Form: $149.00

Child Form: $149.00

Child 2 Form: $149.00

Set of All 4: $495.00

External Marketing Made Fun
35 fun and unique ideas to market your practice beyond your typical "bagel runs." Includes creative ideas for each season and referral tracking forms for each concept. We provided the ideas, now run with them!
Cost $195.00

Clinical Training and Procedures Manual
Lori Garland Parker's Clinical Training and Procedures Manual is a must for every office that wants to clarify clinical operating procedures and have a written reference for training. The manual includes modules for new staff training, job descriptions, scripting for patient instructions and step by step procedure guidelines. An electronic copy on floppy disk is included so you can customize the manual to your office specifications.

Front Line Training and Procedures Manual
Debbie Best's Front Line Training and Procedures Manual is a valuable tool to help institute administrative protocols in your office. This manual establishes the guidelines from taking the new patient telephone call to dismissing patients at the end of retention. Sample documents and letters are included to assist you in setting up office literature and correspondence.

Performance Review System
Consulting Network's Performance Review System provides the orthodontist and team the opportunity to set performance goals and review them annually in a standardized fashion. The system includes a floppy disk so the practice can adapt the information to office needs.

Oral Hygiene Incentive Program
The Oral Hygiene Incentive Program is an excellent way to encourage your patients to see their general dentist for their six-month cleaning and check-up. The personalized oral hygiene letter with attached coupon comes in packages of 100 with your choice of five paper styles and ink colors.

Oral Hygiene Incentive Letters
The Oral Hygiene Incentive Letters provides sample coupon letters, comprehensive instructions and a letter to send to the general dentist outlining the program. A floppy disk is included so you can personalize the information and print at your local printer or in-house on office letterhead.

A-Z Clinical Coordinator Manual
The position of the Clinical Coordinator is an essential management role for many of today’s orthodontic practices. Lori Garland Parker’s A-Z Clinical Coordinator Manual is designed to provide the Orthodontist and Clinical Coordinator with guidelines for this important position. Topics included job descriptions, staff management and development techniques, plus leadership and coaching fundamentals.

The Basic Orthodontic Appliance Manual
The Basic Orthodontic Appliance Manual will provide your practice with an easy to follow training and reference guideline for successful fabrication of standard orthodontic appliances. This manual provides step-by-step, easy to follow directions to enable anyone in your practice to fabricate basic appliances and includes a general overview of equipment and supplies needed to set up an inexpensive in-office lab.

The New Patient Process Manual
This manual, created by Cathy Sundvall, provides detailed information from the initial phone call to the day the patient starts treatment. Included are protocols for building relationships, enrolling the patient, using correspondence for the patient and referring dentist, one-step exam, recall/will call procedures, surveys and statistical tracking. The New Patient Manual is complete with support materials that can be duplicated and used in your new patient process.

Marketing Recipes for Creating Loyal Patients and Referring Dentists
Consulting Network's new Marketing Recipes is filled with over 100 "fun and imaginative" ideas, suggestions and recommendations for patient contests, parent appreciation and gifting to referring dentists. Included are innovative and creative "posters", "game entry slips", "poems and stories", to share that can be duplicated and used today in your practice.

Train the Trainer
Lori Garland Parker's Train the Trainer manual is an essential guide for the person responsible for new staff training in your practice. This reader-friendly resource includes key information on the new employee training process including: quality orientation, understanding adult learning principles, identifying learning and teaching styles, developing and organizing training materials and delivery, facilitating learning processes, and providing effective feedback.

Office Policy Handbook for Team Members
This handbook and accompanying CD-ROM provides the framework to create an effective employee manual for your orthodontic practice. Clear, easy-to-follow guidelines include conditions of employment, office policies and rules, payroll and timekeeping, performance management, and employee benefits. The Team Member Handbook will assist you in designing and customized handbook for your practice, avoiding the risk of creating unintended contractual obligations.
Forms include: Employee Agreement to Maintain Confidentiality of Records, Exit Interview, Time off Request, and Travel and Mileage reimbursement forms.

Patient Handouts
Consulting Network's Patient Handouts detail a variety of orthodontic and oral hygiene topics that can help lead to a successful orthodontic experience. These are excellent patient resources for your orthodontic patient to take home. They are presented on CD-ROM and are fully customizable with your office information and policies.
100% of the proceeds from this product will be donated directly to the MS Foundation.

Patient Information Forms
NEW! Consulting Network now offers customized patient information forms for the children in your practice. You can either send the form as part of your new patient packet or have new patients complete the questionnaire while they are in your office. The forms are fully customizable with your practice information and can be ordered personalized in quantities of 100. The form is also available on disk, allowing you to print the forms in your office.

Cost: $ 65.00 / 100 forms
Disk only: $125.00

This product needs to be customized.

"The purchase our office made of "Train the Trainer", and the "Clinical Procedures Manual" has been a Godsend!! The clinical coordinator and I had been trying to write a procedure manual from scratch. At the same time, I had been attempting to organize a training program for new employees. Both of these projects were extremely overwhelming. Each project seemed to be "stealing" my time from the other, therefore, I never seemed to accomplish anything!(all of this in the midst of working on patients and trying to train a new assistant-VERY frustrating!!). Needless to say, when I attended the SAO in Savannah and discovered Lori Garland-Parker and her manuals, we purchased them on the spot!. She has been very helpful and encouraging. The manuals we purchased are also very helpful and surprisingly thorough. We have been pleasantly surprised at how many areas in the manual are already formatted to fit our individual needs."
Kristi Stephens

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