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Responses from the implementation of Debbie's doctor time scheduling:

Just a quick note to say thank you for having Debbie. I feel we benefited greatly from her visit. Now we need to get active!!! I want to be a leader for the team and I am making this email my commitment to do just that. I am excited about the changes and I want to keep the team excited with me. I know you both have worked hard and spent major money and time on this; it’s time for us to commit to the success of Cook Orthodontics. :)
Office of Dr. Devon Cook

Debbie and Lori,
Hi all, I have been reading this book called KNOW CAN DO! Put Your Know-How Into Action by Ken Blanchard, Paul j. Meyer, and Dick Ruhe. Lori, ever since the class I attended in Texas with you, I have read and studied a lot! Anyway to make a long story short I just realized the you both have been acting as part of my follow up plan and didn’t even know it. Both of you have been there for me every time I needed to be redirected or put back on the right path. You both have always given me some kind of positive feedback. And I just wanted to take a minute out of reading this book to say thank you!

Thank you for believing in me and thank you for explaining to me exactly what was expected out of me. I am the type of person that sees usually only black and white (please note I said usually) but I must admit I am starting to see small shades of gray now and am working on seeing different colors. I am not afraid of the unknown any longer and I am not afraid of letting my co-workers be as good as I am. I actually embrace that now, and wish that with a little more work I will have the self confidence to try to step in and teach my co-workers (that have been there a while) tricks or new methods that I have learned along my way.

I know that this would probably sound weird to someone else that did not know me before but I knew you two would understand this. So from the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU TWO FOR MAKING ME HELP MYSELF TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON AND CO-WORKER! I just thought you two needed to know that!
Charlotte from Dr. Lupi’s office

 "In general, I think that the conversion to the Dr. Time schedule has been one of the "Best" changes that we have ever made!"
Dr. Gregory Hack

"I think the new schedule with Doctor time has made a fabulous difference in our schedule and in the lives of our Doctors, employees and patients."
Susan Gula

"Lori has worked with my clinical team as a consultant and is one of the best in languaging and clinical organization. She has the ability to communicate the view of the doctor with sensitivity. Due to her vast clinical experience, she is also able to acknowledge the needs, as well as the talents, of the staff. I feel Lori is one of the best consultants we have had the privilege to work with."
Terry Dischinger, D.D.S., PC
Lake Oswego, OR

"My practice experienced a welcomed transformation in efficiency when implementing suggestions from Debbie Best of Consulting Network. My staff has never been so empowered. She is truly is the 'Best'."
John J. Eisinger, D.D.S.
Monterey, California

"My office has increased in overall productivity and clinical efficiency with the help and guidance of Debbie Best and Lori Garland Parker of Consulting Network. I owe a lot of my success and sanity to them."
Kyle R. Childers, DMD, MS
Benton, IL

"I invited Lori to visit our practice out of the desire to continue the growth and profitability that our practice has enjoyed since opening 11 years ago. My staff welcomed Lori and through her professional and experienced eyes, we were able to see what we do well and areas where we could improve. Our practice and our patients have certainly benefited."
Frank J. Stitch, D.D.S., MSD
Coppell, TX

"As the wife of the orthodontist and one who also works in the practice, I have had the opportunity to see Debbie's talents from two viewpoints. Debbie has a way of connecting with the team and letting them know when they believe in themselves their abilities are endless. Also her extensive background provides Ross and me the support and guidance to make the goals for our practice a reality."
Mary Stryker, Office of Dr. Ross Stryker
Lebabon, MO

"Thanks a million Deb! You're the best. I couldn't come close to the practice we have without your expertise and help."
Dr. Pat DiCiccio

"You have always been a wise friend rather than simply a consultant for us."
Dr. Michael Cherre

"Just a quick follow up after we have completed a full quarter with our new schedule... Since changing to indirect bonding with Lori and having you standardize our schedule allowing more bondings in a day with less chair time, we have already collected 25% more this quarter than we did the first quarter of last year! If that stays on track, we will increase an unheard of 35% this year. More important than any of that, I went home at 5:20 yesterday for the first time since I opened my doors eight years ago, and I did not have conferences to do when I got home. Thank you for your help with our schedule. My level of burn out is greatly reduced, and I feel I am on the right track because of it, and my wife sure is glad to see me at a decent hour and not be preoccupied with work when I get home.

If you say in your lectures that you and Lori can increase collections 35% annually, they will sit up and listen won't they? They have to know that we have $0 over 90 days and our 60 day receivable is only $5600 with a practice our size. Helps a lot with the bottom line! Thanks again SO much for your help."
Dr. Chris Wenderoth

"It took me 10 years to finally admit I needed help to create the team and practice I envisioned. I could see 'it' but I couldn't get there. Lori Garland Parker possesses amazing powers of observation, allowing her to quickly evaluate the positives and opportunities of your office. She communicates the goals/desires of the doctor in a delicate, yet clear fashion. Her first hand clinical experience provides excellent perspective in recognizing the needs and talents of the team as well. She strives to get the entire team, doctor included, to raise their game to a new level. Lori will challenge you to be better and I love it. Lori's follow through and support are first rate. I was amazed at the commitment level she made to our practice. Regular phone and email consultations with my clinic coordinator provided tremendous assistance in reaching our objectives. It's quite rewarding to watch long term team members reach new heights with Lori's guidance. I am sure my association with Lori will continue throughout my career."
Dr. Rob Sheffield
Antioch, CA
Dear Deb:

"In thinking about my office, I have come to realize what an important role you have played.  Training my staff, instituting doctor time scheduling, improving office efficiency and making recommendations for systems (such as Kodak, now Carestream), keeping me current and into this century.  You have always been available when I would call needing information about a process or problem.  Your thorough understanding about all the products available to the orthodontic practice is incredible.

I can only imagine how poorly my office would have functioned if I had not become acquainted with you those many years ago.  I was impressed then, and am still impressed with your expertise.  Over the years, we have developed a friendship that has been a blessing for me, and my wife.  Any Doctor in an orthodontic practice, that has been fortunate to have you provide the management services for their office, has benefitted greatly.

My staff and I have heard you lecture on many occasions, and still walk away with new ideas.  You are a wealth of information for all of us that have used part or all of the services your company provides.

Thank you for caring about orthodontics, and thank you for being such a good friend."
                                                                            Cecil E. Alumbaugh, Jr., DDS, Inc.
                                                            Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

"I have worked in the same orthodontic practice for over 20 years and for the past 15 years in the position of Clinical Coordinator. When we opened a new office it provided a fresh new appearance, but had some of the same existing issues. I came to a point in my career where I needed some additional guidance in the most efficient way to run the clinic on a daily basis. Lori came in and assisted me which gave me the encouragement and support I needed. She worked well with our entire team and gave the doctor suggestions to implement how we could run more efficient as a team. Those suggestions worked! I feel Lori has given me a whole new outlook on my career as well as assisted me in becoming a stronger, more confident leader."
Dana Barnes, RDA

Lori Garland Parker met with the staff and doctors of Drs. Cooper and Chockley's office in Tulsa. At the morning meeting, Deborah Rovertson brought in a box of Godiva Chocolates and read the following:

"How is the Cooper & Chockley Orthodontic Office like a box of Godiva chocolates?
- It is full of individual treasures but none as great as the box as a whole.

Godiva is world famous for what they do as well as how they do it. They are associated with QUALITY and EXCELLENCE. If I set this box next to a Whitman's Sampler or the largest Valentines Day heart full of Nestle's best, they wouldn't stack up to the Godiva name and reputation. Godiva's quality of workmanship and their investment in excellence puts them is a class all their own.
Yes, there are other orthodontic offices, but what makes this office unique? In this box of chocolates, every piece was hand selected like the people in this office. Our Doctors consistently invest in training and technology to insure that our quality of service meets and exceeds the highest standards.
So I ask you, as each of us is an individual treasure in this Orthodontic Box, what do you bring to the box as a whole? What special delight does someone find in you?"

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