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Consulting Network is dedicated to management and training solutions for the orthodontic team. Our consulting team consists of Debbie Best and Lori Garland Parker. Their combined strengths and dependable methods have consistently delivered proven results to orthodontic practices.

Meet our Consulting Network Team!

Debbie Best analyzes office culture, staffing needs, and the office computer system to develop a strategic plan for practice productivity. She designs customized schedules, personalized job descriptions, and a personnel manual to fit each practice's needs. As a part of her program, Debbie also focuses on the role of the front desk team, financial controls, anti-embezzlement protocol and practice building.

Debbie's proven management results include:

  • Increasing production through effective scheduling
  • Streamlining paper work and time efficiency techniques
  • Creating successful systems for patient tracking, recall and written communication
  • Personalizing financial protocol resulting in reduced delinquencies
  • Increasing profit by regulating budget, accounts receivable and payables
  • Reducing risk of embezzlement
  • Creating and effective external and internal marketing programs
  • Improving team communication

Visit Debbie's blog at www.debbiebest.com.

Lori Garland Parker conducts a complete analysis of the clinical arena including the evaluation of orthodontic procedures, clinical organization, assistant skills, sterilization, tray set-ups, and inventory control. She designs a program to increase productivity through maximizing the talents of the clinical team and implements an organized approach to the delivery of patient care.

Lori's customized program includes:

  • Increasing productivity through improved clinical and time saving techniques
  • Enhancing clinical organization and operational efficiency
  • Reducing of emergency appointments
  • Increasing the level of competency for new and experienced chairsides
  • Integrating an effective training program and customized procedures manual
  • Enhancing written and verbal guidelines for patient education
  • Establishing guidelines for chairside doctor and staff communication
  • Integrating an effective inventory control system to save time and money

Together, they provide an individualized approach to the management challenges that face the orthodontic team today. Using modern methods, Consulting Network is your partner for success. For more information on how they can support you in fulfilling your goals, send them an email or call Debbie at 925 447-6993 or Lori at 805 552-9512.

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